Wholistic Self-Empathy 101

An accessible guide toward inhabiting ourselves as peacemakers.

An accessible guide toward inhabiting ourselves as peacemakers.


Welcome to Wholistic Self-Empathy 101, an interactive and guided 6 week workshop series designed for anyone seeking:

  • a deeper understanding of personal patterns, behaviors & beliefs

  • to identify personal motivations & values

  • accessible tools for self-regulation, harm reduction and mental health recovery

  • to strengthen capacity for compassionate redirection


Generated by Maria Harrison, mental health peer support specialist, nonviolent communication practitioner + holder of hope. 


A message from Maria: 


I created Wholistic Self-Empathy 101 because I believe folks want to feel intensely alive and attuned to themselves and others. I believe that folks want to give and receive compassionately, and live in alignment with their values. This course is an offering from my intention to share the essence of the transformative power of self-empathy as the first step in any wellness journey. 


Space in the container is limited to meet the needs of mutuality and connection. This space is for you, and I welcome you to go deep in sourcing your own light.


By your side,



Let's Learn

Does it all seem like just too much sometimes?

*nods knowingly* I get it. Let's move through it together. 


Have you struggled with:


  • Fear of conflict, disappointment or anger

  • Saying ‘No’

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Mental health challenges and choosing recovery

  • Self-worth, self-confidence, inner-critic

  • Dissociating or numbing out of difficult emotions or situations

  • Simmering frustration from unfulfilled passions

  • Staying committed to self-care routines

  • Stuck in habits and patterns that do not serve you


Do you want to learn: 


  • Why self-empathy matters

  • The fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication and harm reduction

  • Universal human feelings and needs

  • Recovery and neuroscience

  • How to reconnect with intuitive and instinctual wisdom

  • Skills for showing up as a peacemaker and activist in a sustainable and authentic flow

  • A way forward in being more receptive, emotionally stable and trusting

Trust me, I have been there.

If you are seeing some value or curiosity so far, then this course is for you

And who is Maria?

This course is co-created by Maria Harrison. "Co-created" because the information presented is nothing new: loads of reminders, timeless wisdom and nudges to befriend and consult the real expert- YOU! Maria is a freebirthing biracial homeschooling mama of 2 young people (9 &5) and partner of 11 years. 🧠 Her recovery journey has faced co-dependence, substance abuse and self-alienation. She is passionate about mental health recovery: AS Psych, AOS Mind-Body Transformational Psych, Nationally Certified Peer Support Specialist, Life Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, Bodyworker, Hypnotherapy practitioner, mental health first aid, Nonviolent Communication practitioner. 🌞She makes time to be in her garden as her most accessible mindfulness practice of pulling weeds, watering plants, and connecting with the wisdom of nature.🌌 Her work is grounded in practical embodiment of psycho-spiritual growth which exercises her burning desire to connect with and understand others by meeting them where they are with what is alive in the present. Connect with Maria on Instagram @sourcingourlight

In this webinar we will cover


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